Our new Blue litter of Frenchies

Talk about beautiful!!

Destiny with her 4 day olds.

Destiny with her 4 day olds.

It is very important to let Mother and Babies bond, Daddy too if Momma will allow it! Keep them warm, let them nurse all they want.. I dont seperate my Mothers and babies like many breeders do, I stay up and tend to them. I feel it is better to teach your Mother how to take care of her babies, the old saying.. Buy a man a fish and he eats that night, but teach a man to fish and he eats every night.. I can do this because I dont have massive litters!

From the day of conception throughout her pregnancy and after delivery, my Mothers are given Uni-Milk, it is a 13 specie milk replacer, it helps to build the needed calcium and helps her to maintain if after delivery! A sprinkle on her dog food at each meal no need to mix it in.. as it smells like Vanilla and all your dogs will want some, so when anyone is expecting, all get some uni-milk, having a little extra calcium is not a bad thing for dogs that are not expecting either! 🙂

My Mothers are doted on, and are part of my family, therefore they eat, drink, potty, and get loads of attention., most Mothers get amoxocillian for a few days to be sure there is no mastitius, and a week after a c section.. preventative measures are put in place to avoid some common issues that could happen if not doing this..


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