Bringing your New Puppy home

So Everyone is Excited and the Big day comes! You are bringing home your new Puppy! A few things to remember is to find out what kind of food your new baby has been eating, dry, moist, how often, what times of day.. ask about there routine and try to duplicate it in the beginning. This helps your new baby to adapt easier than if you change Everything they are used to..

I say this because we are all creatures of habit, they are no different, stick as closely as you can to there routine and you will find they adapt very fast, as they know what to expect, new faces, voices, and surroundings can be scary.. but having some of there routine helps them to be grounded and know they are safe.. which is the number #! thing for any person or fur kid.. once we feel safe we can move towards acclimating into our new surroundings.

Don’t run your new puppy to all your friends and family, they are trying to figure out who there new  Mom and Dad are, help them to do that.. and don’t expose them to puppy disease in public places that allow many dogs to be.. ie Petco, and the like.. it is 7 to 10 days from the time of exposure to a sick puppy to the time they break out with it.. there immune systems are still developing, be aware of where you are taking them and always ask yourself.. is this a safe place.

When your pup starts to get a little age on them and 3 sets of puppy shots they are less likely to die of a puppy disease if coming into contact, however the shots are not fool proof  so don’t risk it, it would be not different if it were a human baby getting exposed to something before  having been vaccinated for it.. most of it is common sense and with a little knowledge it can go a long ways to help you protect your new baby so they can develop into the wonderful companion they are for many years to come!


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