Making Homemade Dog Food

31 Jan

My dogs eat Natural -26 and homemade dog food, here’s why.. I want them to have the best and be healthy! I spend much time in the kitchen with them watching patiently for me to get there dog food done.. I use commercial dog food and add the home made to it.. The English Bulldogs are large, and putting them on homemade helps, but it still would need other things added to it if it were the only thing you are feeding..l (3) All of my dogs LOVE the homemade dog food and are given a chock full ice cream scoop daily into there food.. here is how I make it..
4 cups of water, add 2 cups long grain rice
1/2 lb mixed wegtables ie carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, or canned pumpkin
1 can chicken chunks in water 13 oz
cook the rice, and dump into a large bowl, open chicken add water from the can into rice, put chicken into food processor.. and grind it small.. dump into rice and mix well..
take 1/2 pound of vegtables cooked.. place in food processor and grind.. add to mixture.. mix well.. thats it folks.. cover and refrigerate the rest.. good for about 3 days if it will take longer to use it up you can freeze it in containers.
fresh or fresh frozen vegetables should be used rather than canned.. less salt
fresh chicken can be used too.. boil it, cook it.. grind it..
Rice can be Brown which is the best for them, followed by Jasmine, then white

Hope this helps.. the pic is of 2 of my past English.. the big Red and White was Big Momma who has passed on, and her son red with white face Dozer who has passed on.. Piggy is a baby in this picture.. sure brings back memories.. of joy and heartache.. but where would we be is we did not feel?

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